Thursday, March 17, 2011

Voyagers of Icarie's New Single " Purple Bamboo & Whale's Tale "

As we know that voyagers of icarie made a great single songs coming up on march 2011 via space record it makes us get goosebumps with an epic lyrics and voices on it. Voyagers of Icarie is a band based in Jakarta Indonesia members are Budi Chandra Marcukundha, Monica Hapsari and the " icarians ".

They said based on myspace "The voyage started in a year before the new millenium with a wrecked guitar on a wing in a pair, brought-down hopes, and a battered-out dreams. Years and years the captain wandered, preached and sang alone before a computer and a worn out keyboard came to his aid. It tranquilised him and brought him into a resurgence. In the 4th year of the 2nd millenium, another voyager tagged along, he and his spherical sounds generated from somekind of an electronical instruments helped to map the path of this voyage. And so they are, two drifters off to seek the long lost world of Icarie. A year later a lady voyager joined the cause and sang to rejoice this voyage and now they sway their way to claim their pastlife promises, and so the icarians voyage"

for more info :

Voyagers Of Icarie - Purple Bamboo by Space.Rec