Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Micronauts

The Micronauts is the solo project of composer and producer Christophe Monier. He decided to become a musician at age 4 after listening to The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky. Then he learned classical piano, classical and jazz guitar. One of his professors in college of art was Iannis Xenakis. Monier is also half of the deep house band Rituel and runs the label Micronautics. Other projects he was involved are Discotique, The Eurostars, Impulsion andNature.
The musical project The Micronauts begins in the mid 90s. The first track, Get Funky Get Down, is also the first track to be remixed by Daft Punk. Quickly it’s the turn of The Micronauts to remix many artists, such as The Chemical Brothers, OMD, Underworld and Death In Vegas. Follows the signing on Science, a sub-label of Virgin UK, and the release of the single The Jag in 1999, with a music videomade by Hollywood director Gregg Araki. The beginning of 2000 sees the release of the mini-album Bleep To Bleep, including the track Baby Wants To Bleep.

In the middle of 2000, Christophe Monier decides to pursue solo the adventure The Micronauts, that he shared until then with George Issakidis. He remixes Madonna and Mirwais, amongst others. In 2004, he launches the label Micronautics to release its own material without intermediary, in real time. 

The label’s style is typical of The Micronauts, an eclectic mixture of house, techno and electro, tending heavily toward acid and experimental sounds. Success is immediate thanks to High Rise, a hit on the underground techno scene.
Two years later, Vitalic’s label Citizen Records signs The Micronauts, and Micronautics is paused. A double CD is released in September 2007, made of a new album, Damaging Consent, and of the compilation A Remixes Retrospective

On the album is included the song Reaction, which has a music video directed by Danakil (aka Cyrille de Vignemont).

After a period spent working as a producer, remixer and sound engineer, Christophe Monier relaunches his label Micronautics in 2012.

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