Sunday, September 26, 2010

Henryk Debich - Kameleon

We present you Polish Jazz Funk music from the legendary Henryk Debich

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jonathan Kusuma – Days Are Numbered / Monyet Kota -EP

Space.rec has once again released an EP from Jonathan Kusuma, one of the two band members in Space System. The new EP titles are : "Days Are Numbered" and "Monyet Kota". In the piece "Monyet Kota" there is a new touch that's never been heard before in other tracks by Jonathan Kusuma, it is coming thick on the 4/4 Dub bassline, mixed with the sound of analog synth, which gives this track a krautrock feel in it as well.

All tracks are written and performed by Jonathan Kusuma.
Recorded at Space System Studio.
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering.
Art work by Ojon.

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