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Space.Rec Mix Vol.1 by Gerhan Ferdinal

Gerhan Ferdinal is without doubt a very influential DJ/Producer/Remixer out of Jakarta. Witnessing many legendary parties in San Francisco while studied there in the early 90's, He's been spreading the love since then through deejaying in various places and spaces, including the infamous 'Reggae Revolution' parties in Jakarta, and his own regular Events called 'Quirk It!' along with his great fellow DJs up until now. Not to mention his hidden talent behind the bass and guitar, nor his loads of unreleased remixes, he sure knows how to communicate with us when it comes to music.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Shehab Tariq A.K.A Paso Bionic spent his younger years in the graffiti scene, picking up his alias there, before moving onto pause-record techniques back in the tape days. He is also a fundamental producer and DJ in ..TZU.. and ..Curse Ov Dialect.. - two leading hip hop groups outta Melbourne Australia. ..Curse.. has released 2 albums on ..Mush.. (USA) and ..TZU.. is signed to Liberation (Aust).......Empty Beats.. is the debut 'solo' album from ..Paso.., but he's currently working on new material... ..


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MIXTAPE : REI Mixtape Vol.1

1. Ociel - Vlooper.Modlee
2. Love Sick Feat. Eshe Of ARREST - Mabanua
3. Happy Feat. Kissey Asplund - Groovemanspot
4. Spaceman ( I'm In Space ) - The Grand Ear
5. Six Feat. Kez YM - RLP
6. Yorktown Recreation - Dorian Concept
7. Equal - Milex Benjiman
8. Settle For Feat.Mar (Seymour Bits Remix) - Full Crate, FS Green & Grand Jackson
9. To The Beat Feat. Walter Mecca - Onra
10. Shut It Down ( Devonwho Remix) - Frank N Dank
11. Blast That Feat. Black Milk - Nottz
12. Tibeef Phonque - KenLo Cranqnuques
13. Spaceshi* - Sauce81
14. Underlined Feat. Ernesto & Cee-Rock "The Fury" - Atjazz
15. Shabaps - Pursuit Grooves
16. Raptured - Lone
17. Plummer Jolly - Monkey Sequence 19
18. People Potential - Floating Points
19. Raw Cuts #5 - Motor City Drum Essemble
20. Tilt Shift ( Julio Bashmore Remix ) - Mosca
21. Mental Strength ( Akufen Interpr. Feat. Chr. Maisonneuve ) -
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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Acid House is a sub-genre of house music that emphasizes a repetitive, hypnotic and trance-like style, often with samples or spoken lines rather than sung lyrics. Acid house's core electronic squelch sounds were developed around the mid-1980s, particularly by DJs from Chicagowho experimented with the Roland TB-303 electronic synthesizer-sequencer. Acid house spread to the United Kingdom and continental Europe, where it was played by DJs in the acid house and later rave scenes. By the late 1980s, copycat tracks and acid house remixes brought the style into the mainstream, where it had some influence on pop and dance styles. Nicknamed "the sound of acid", acid house's influence on dance music is tangible considering the sheer number of electronic music tracks referencing acid house through the use of its sounds, including trance,Goa Trance, psytrance, breakbeat, big beat, techno, trip-hop and house music.

Roland TB- 303

Chicago acid house movement

The first influential acid house records were produced in Chicago, Illinois. Phuture, a group founded by Nathan "DJ Pierre" Jones, Earl "Spanky" Smith Jr., and Herbert "Herb J" Jackson, is credited with having been the first to use the TB-303 in the house music context (the instrument appeared as early as 1983 in disco via Alexander Robotnick). The group's 12-minute "Acid Tracks" was recorded to tape and was played by DJ Ron Hardy at the Music Box, where Hardy was resident DJ. Hardy once played it four times over the course of an evening until the crowd responded favorably. Chicago's house music scene was suffering from a massive crackdown on parties and events by the police. Sales of house records were dwindling and, by 1988, the genre was selling less than a tenth as many records as at the height of the style's popularity. However, house and especially acid house was beginning to experience a massive surge in popularity in Britain.

The London house-music scene

London's club Shoom opened in November 1987 and was one of the first clubs to introduce acid house to the clubbing public of the UK. It was opened by Danny Rampling and his wife. The club was extremely exclusive and featured thick fog, a dreamy atmosphere and acid house. This period began what some call the Second Summer of Love, a movement credited with a reduction in football hooliganism: instead of fights, football fans were listening to music, taking ecstasy, and joining the other club attendees in a peaceful movement often paralleled to the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1967. Another club called Trip was opened in June 1988 by Nick Holloway at the Astoria in London's West End. Trip was geared directly towards the acid house music scene. It was known for its intensity and stayed open until 3 AM. The patrons would spill into the streets chanting and drew the police on regular occasions. The reputation that occurrences like this created along with the UK's strong anti-club laws started to make it increasingly difficult to offer events in the conventional club atmosphere. Considered illegal in London during the late 80s, after-hour clubbing was against the law. However, this did not stop the club-goers from continuing after-hours dancing. Police would raid the after-hour parties, so the groups began to assemble inside warehouses and other inconspicuous venues in secret, hence also marking the first developments of the rave. Raves were well attended at this time and consisted of single events or moving series of parties thrown by production companies or unlicensed clubs. Two well-known groups at this point were Sunrise, who held particularly massive outdoor events, and Revolution in Progress (RIP), known for the dark atmosphere and hard music at events which were usually thrown in warehouses or at Clink Street, a South East London nightclub housed in a former jail. The Sunrise group threw several large acid house raves in Britain which gathered serious press attention. In 1988 they threw "Burn It Up," 1989 brought "Early Summer Madness," "Midsummer Night's Dream," and "Back to the Future." They advertised huge sound systems, fairground rides, foreign DJs, and other attractions. Many articles were written sensationalizing these parties and the results of them, focusing especially on the drug use and out-of-control nature that the media perceived. In August 1989, Sunrise held the largest Acid House rave ever, just outside Reigate in Surrey. In the fields adjacent to the school playing fields at Hartswood (between Woodhatch and Sidlow Bridge), the rave took place and lasted from 10pm on the Saturday night until late into Sunday night. It was estimated that nearly 20,000 attended during the weekend, and car queues stretched 4 miles, from the top of Reigate Hill to the Hartswood fields. It was widely covered by the press and television.

Media attention

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, news media and tabloids devoted an increasing amount of coverage to the hedonistic acid house/rave scene, focusing on its association with psychedelic drugs and club drugs. The sensationalist nature of the coverage may have contributed to the banning of acid house during its heyday from radio, television, and retail outlets in the United Kingdom. The moral panic of the press began in 1988, when the UK tabloid The Sun, which only weeks earlier had promoted Acid House as "cool and groovy" while running an offer on Acid Smiley Face T-Shirts, abruptly turned on the scene. On October 19, the tabloid ran with the headline "Evils of Ecstasy," linking the Acid House scene with the new and relatively unknown drug. The resultant panic incited by the tabloids eventually led to a crackdown on clubs and venues that played Acid House and had a profound negative impact on the scene. UK acid house and rave fans used the yellow smiley face symbol simply as an emblem of the music and scene, a "vapid, anonymous smile" that portrayed the "simplest and gentlest of the Eighties’ youth manifestations" that was non-aggressive, "except in terms of decibels" at the high-volume DJ parties. Some acid house fans used a smiley face with a blood streak on it, which Watchmen comics creator Alan Moore asserts was based on Dave Gibbons' artwork for the series. Within just a few years, acid house had gained a considerable fan base, and the influence of the music reached beyond the club and warehouse environment. It also influenced UK pop music during these formative years, emerging in a somewhat sanitized version in songs like Bananarama's "Tripping on Your Love" (1991) and Samantha Fox's "Love House" (1989). Acid house influences also appear in the 1988 hit by S'Express, "Theme from S'Express" and in remixes of pop songs on 12" singles by various mainstream acts.

source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acid_house

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soul Surfer

Anders Nilsson is a Sweden music producer who made beautiful tunes of Soul Surfer. He also has several aliases ( other project ) which influenced by trance ( traditional dance ) music it took from Goa's ( India ), Africa's, Latin and other traditional music.

Soul Surfer has released 5 albums and several remixes as well. Our conclusion and perception of his works is psychedelic ,soul, electronic moods united into his musics.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Jonathan Kusuma - Mixed Signals EP

Again, Jonathan Kusuma issued his new EP called Mixed Signals, which was released by space.rec. Mixed Signals consists 3 tracks, which are named Mixed Signals, Certain Curtain and Invisible Stream. What we think is interesting from this Mixed Signals EP is the “Certain Curtain” track, because it’s unlike his other releases before. The rhythm of this “Certain Curtain” track sounds catchier, doesn’t sound flat and with the patterns of the instruments rhythm that makes this song unlike other Jonathan Kusuma’s releases. Even though there are still some dark elements in the middle of the song and with the sounds of the traditional gamelan and the touch of Kusuma’s Krautrock, so far.. we think that this is the best creation of Jonathan Kusuma work.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Woolfy - Looking Glass

Woolfy.. awesome song, awesome video. nuff said

Monday, August 29, 2011

Delia Derbyshire : " The Forgotten Pioneer Of Electronic Music"

Delia Derbyshire (1937 - 2001) is one of the pioneer of electronic music at the 60's. She was a part of BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Many of her work didn't get credited such as the concept of the groundbreaking arrangement of the Doctor Who theme music (one of the first tv themes to be recorded entirely electronic means - years before synthesizers came out). After her death, hundreds of reel to reel tapes and a box of thousand paper of her works were found in her attic.

This is her interpretation of Bach - air on a G string

She was also in a band called White Noise. White Noise is an experimental electronic music band formed in London, England in 1969 by American-born David Vorhaus, a classical bass player with a background in both physics and electronic engineering. Their Album called Electric storm was created using a variety of tape manipulation techniques, and is notable for its early use of the first British synthesizer

Delia influenced numerous legendary musician such as, Pink Floyd to use electronic sounds for mainstream music and Mick Jagger to buy moog synth. for more info on her works, check out http://www.delia-derbyshire.org/ or if you more interested on pioneer of electronic music, just search the BBC documentary on youtube called the alchemist of sound.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sugar Bear – Don't Scandalize Mine (Vocal Mix)

Old School stuff from 1988.. "Don't Scandalize Mine (Vocal Mix)" by Sugar Bear. This track got some powerful electronic instrument and some wicked wild style kind of rhymes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mulatu Astatke - Yekatit

Mulatu Astatke is an Ethiopian musician and arranger best known as the father of Ethio-jazz. Born in the western Ethiopian city of JImma, Mulatu was musically trained in London, New York City, and Boston where he combined his jazz and latin music interests with traditional Ethiopian music. Astatke led his band while playing vibraphone and conga drums instruments that he introduced into Ethiopian popular music as well as other percussion instruments, keyboards and organ. His albums focus primarily on instrumental music, and Astatke appears on all three known albums of instrumentals that were released during Ethiopia's Golden ’70s.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Komodo : Music Akamady / Up & Down - EP

KOMODO a.k.a Gerhan Ferdinal, is the Resident DJ and one of the members of ‘Quirk it!’. After we’ve waited for a while, he finally released an EP titled ‘Music Akamady’, which contains 2 tracks through space.rec record label. These 2 tracks are titled ‘Mucic Akamady’ and ‘Up & Down’. The first track, “Music Akamady” will make you feel the element vibes of dub disco with a slight touch of contemporary atmosphere that drives you to the world of ethnic tribal mixed with a blend of modern instrument, and with a minor of dub reggae from the touch of minimalist guitar sound. The second track, “Up & Down” still has the character of dub disco, but sounds more dark and upbeat, although the element of this track is more towards the sound of the synthesizer and the dominant of bass.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

QUIRK IT! SOUND SYSTEM & SPACE.REC are teaming up for a special celebration of “MUSIC AKAMADY.”

QUIRK IT! SOUND SYSTEM & SPACE.REC are teaming up for a special celebration of “MUSIC AKAMADY.”

MUSIC AKAMADY is one of the tracks in the KOMODO E.P., a new dub disco house project from Gerhan Ferdinal for the seminal Space records. The man behind this project, without doubt an influential DJ in the Jakarta underground scene and now stepping up into music production officially. Witnessing many legendary San Francisco parties ...

in the early 90’s, Gerhan has been deejaying since and until now spreading the love in Jakarta from the ‘Reggae Revolution’ days in PARC, and the current ‘Quirk It! Sound System.’

This night also featuring SPACE SYSTEM dj set, the music brainchild of OJON and ARYO. They are the anchor of Jakarta’s leftfield music production “Space Records,” releasing music for Optimo (Glasgow, UK) and Pizzico Records (Modena, Italy). Welcoming a warm up set for this night is BELDA of IMAGINARY VOYAGE. This is an online cult radio show every Saturday at 90hz.org from San Francisco.

We will also be giving away special mixed CD promotion by DJ GERHAN, complete with special artwork and only available for early guest.

Party information:


the launching of KOMODO E.P.

Music by
DJ GERHAN // a.k.a. KOMODO //
and opening set by

(entrance behind the hotel)


Drink promotions:
Illusions 500.000 nett ( by pitcher).
Bintang draught 35.000 nett by glass
tequila 180.000++ get 3 shoot.
Vodka russian standart 900.000 nett by bottle






Follow us:


Quirk it! Sound System is Jakarta home grown collective DJs project since 2006. This is an on going, one-off event between Whatnot online media and Satcas clothing. This project devoted for local heroes, pushing the sound of underground dance music from the past 25 years. Dub, Leftfield, Disco, House, Music with no boundaries!

Just Quirk it! Don't jerk it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The 19th Session of Listen to the World Offline Series "Detroit Techno: Man, Machines, & Movement"


Why is “context” an important thing? Looking at the birth of Detroit Techno, which is a reaction to the situation in their environment, a very real example of how music is born from a movement and how it affects their community and even the world.

Looking at the role of the pioneers of Detroit Techno, it inspires us and at the same time raises a question for ourselves, what 'movement' can we start? Upon the social condition of our community, wherever we may be.

What attitude have we taken? Have we reacted beyond merely knowing and criticizing?

Let us discuss it, on :

June 24, 2011 – 8.30 PM

Namarina Ballet-Jazz-Fitness, Kebayoran

JL. Gandaria Tengah III No. 9

South Jakarta

Supported by: Sacred Bridge Foundation

And partners: Namarina / ROSSI Musik / MAROS VCI / Space.Rec


Monday, June 13, 2011

Svarghi : Ominous / Replant - Remixes

About one year ago, space.rec released a titled EP from Svarghi, called Ominous / Replant - single, this time they release a remix version that contains three tracks that were also remixed by Jonathan Kusuma & Billy Bogus (pizzico recods), named Ominous (Kusuma Rework), Ominous (Kusuma Reverse Version) and Replant (Billy Bogus Mix).

Ominous (Kusuma Rework)'s track contains psychedelic elements that could be heard from the sound of the drum patterns in the song. Especially by keeping the elements of the original vocals, bass, acoustic and electric guitars. And not to mention the combined synthesizer elements from Kusuma and Svarghi, with a touch of Kusuma's typical element of krautrock in the middle of the song. All the combined elements in this track make this song as the band's psychedelic project, with a touch of folk from krautrock. Unlike the Ominous' track (Kusuma Reverse Version), this track is the opposite of the original track. The dark sound with the the elements of techno bassline is very thick, that brings us to a very different feel from the original version. Especially, with Kusuma's analog-style synthesizer. These patterns doesn't sound boring in this track, because we will hear the instruments that appears one by one, which are the sounds of gamelan traditional Indonesia. The next track is Ominious (Billy Bogus' Mix), DJ of Pizzico Records from Italy changes its original nuance from a more slowly and dark, to a track that can be said a catchy dance 4/4 beat, a very catchy bass patterns, and a perfect placement of the vowel as a more upbeat dance song than the original version. Especially when the Italo disco instrument appears in the middle of this song.

Svarghi - Ominous (Kusuma Reverse Version) by Space.Rec

Svarghi - Replant (Billy Bogus Mix) by Space.Rec

01 Ominous (Kusuma Rework) by jonathan kusuma

Sunday, June 12, 2011

MIXTAPE : Muula - Dropping Assit

Dropping Assit by Muula, one hour mix of acid, chicago house, some funky stuff and other things that gets it going. Hope you like it.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Birth of Detroit Techno As a Global Genre

Here some videos tell the history of Detroit Techno which changed the life of Detroit people and the world


Saturday, May 28, 2011

MIXTAPE : Muula - 530 to 630

Originally formed as a creative performance of electronic and analog music joined together, by three architecture students Rovalino Gultom (MassiveWhat), Hans Boentoro, and Alfi Sambudhi. Muula's first performance was on a MassiveWhat's gig - "R.O.O.F." which took place in Rossi Building's rooftop on 2010. But just before Muula created another creative musical project, Hans Boentoro passed away. Since then, Muula was curated through Dj sets consisting of new and old sounds by Rovalino Gultom of MassiveWhat.

This particular mix, is one of a representation of Muula's view on a hard morning set 5:30AM to 6:30AM. The scene you should think of is a night where you would loose yourself and leave it all behind, fast forward. Just in time before you crashed on your couch, or bed. A journey from the succulent world of rich sounds and constant speed flashing on your dilated eyes, and out, finally out, only to faced upon a rapturous scene. Your everyday urban environment that is, but somehow exaggerated through your stretched out mind, leftover brilliance. Your brain clicks, your eyes focuses into something even more ecstatic. And who knows what you were doing at that very second before you decides, to sleep it off.

Artwork by : Angie Tawaris

Sunday, May 15, 2011

MIXTAPE : Swarsaktya - Reflections of Beauty

Swarsaktya (as known as) Dimas Moammar Saktya is one of Massive What?'s crew, and he's also the bass player of the local band from jakarta called "Freedom of Choice ". In this mixtape, he plays some tracks based on the reflections of the beauty of all kind of things according to his life experience

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jalan Surabaya

First of all we catched them live perform at live at rossi’s event last year. In fact we haven’t seen these guys before, a question was appearing on our head, where the hell were “rossi” guys met them? These crazy Indonesian rapping outspoken words came with a groovy and scratching tunes wrench our ears out . Listen to its lyrics ,sometimes they made total jokes. It will put a smile on your face. What a great show it was

The trio Members are Bellal (MC, from Surabaya),Danger Dope (Turntablist/Beats, from Aceh), Unkle Ho (Beats, from Sydney).

Keep on our words, just put their shows on your concert’s list right now

link : http://www.facebook.com/jalansurabaya?sk=info

click on 2.23 min ( Jalan Surabaya )

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Voyagers of Icarie's New Single " Purple Bamboo & Whale's Tale "

As we know that voyagers of icarie made a great single songs coming up on march 2011 via space record it makes us get goosebumps with an epic lyrics and voices on it. Voyagers of Icarie is a band based in Jakarta Indonesia members are Budi Chandra Marcukundha, Monica Hapsari and the " icarians ".

They said based on myspace "The voyage started in a year before the new millenium with a wrecked guitar on a wing in a pair, brought-down hopes, and a battered-out dreams. Years and years the captain wandered, preached and sang alone before a computer and a worn out keyboard came to his aid. It tranquilised him and brought him into a resurgence. In the 4th year of the 2nd millenium, another voyager tagged along, he and his spherical sounds generated from somekind of an electronical instruments helped to map the path of this voyage. And so they are, two drifters off to seek the long lost world of Icarie. A year later a lady voyager joined the cause and sang to rejoice this voyage and now they sway their way to claim their pastlife promises, and so the icarians voyage"

for more info :

Voyagers Of Icarie - Purple Bamboo by Space.Rec

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Angga - Seeing is Believing (Mixtape)

Angga is one of the youngest talent in jakarta Indonesia, this mixtape made based on history of a Disc Jockey which first originated from radio broadcasters. Vibe of this mixtape is the melancholy attitude of a human being.

Photo by : Pratama Kosasih

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photos From MassiveWhat? Presents " Cross Culture Through The Music "

Swarsaktya (MassiveWhat?)

Swarsaktya (MassiveWhat?)

Ari (MassiveWhat?)

Ari (MassiveWhat?)

Space System (Space.Rec)

Space System (Space.Rec)

Space System (Space.Rec)

Mongo Disko

Mongo Disko

Mongo Disko

Photo by : Briannixa