Thursday, December 23, 2010


This time MassiveWhat? managed to interview one of the DJs from San Francisco, although she has not yet issued a remix or a single, but her set of tracks and how she plays is exactly why we think that she is one good DJ.

And it turns out, that she is also Indonesian. We’re not going to take too long on this, let's have a chat with this person who wants to take us to the IMAGINARY VOYAGE

1. Hi, how are you Belda??

Hello, I’m doing well, thanks for asking.

2. We heard you got Indonesian mix or blood, where is it from?

I'm a concoction of everything.. haha.. My father is a full on Chinese born Indonesian and my mother is Indonesian mixed Chinese blood and other IMAGINARY races. I'm not quite sure what that would make me, but I can say I am Indonesian.

3. Could you tell us you’re the story behind your amazing impossible world mixtapes in one of the noise from the void shows?

Impossible World is one of the most memorable gig I had. I love the Void flyer that Jeno made for the show and the introduction that was written on Noise from the blog. I was honored to be invited as a guest DJ. I remember I was very nervous and excited at the same time, but by the end of the night I was very happy because it turns out just the way I wanted it to be. Each track that I played that night has sentimental meaning to me personally and each one of them has inspired me to start playing records. I had a great time playing on Noise From the Void for sure. We had a little rave going on at Jeno’s that night. The indo-disco posse was there to support me and they brought drinks and cookies. But I’m still wondering what happened to the cookies.. I only ate one cookie. In the beginning I was planning to play for two hours, but I got carried away and didn't realized I was playing records for almost five hours straight. I guess that's what happen when you’re in the VOID.. it makes you lose yourself.

4. So, tell us what you think about good music and how people have different way in appreciating music, how do you appreciate good music?

Good music makes me feel good. There are many ways to appreciate good music. I personally like to appreciate music by buying records and playing it. Maybe sharing it with the people who would appreciate it as much as I do.

5. Talking about imaginary voyage, can you tell us more about this new project of yours..

I never dreamed of being a DJ, let alone having my own radio show. Jeno and Sunshine Jones, whom both have radio shows on encouraged me to have a show there. They believed that I was ready to host my own radio show. So I took advantage of the opportunity and finally agreed to do a show on 90hz. IMAGINARY VOYAGE is about my imaginary life journey. It could be anything and it could go towards any directions that you can imagine. I really enjoy hosting my own radio show. It keeps me busy and makes me more creative at the same time. I like playing blind during the show because it has no restrictions in a sense of direction, that's what I love about it and I can just go with the flow of the music. It's the only time where I can set my mind free and let my music takes me to my IMAGINARY VOYAGE.

6. Is there any album or tracks coming up from you?

I don't have anything at this moment. I never really worked on making music before. The only time I have ever worked on music was with Jeno. We made an edit once but never had the time to finished it.

7. There is a case in Indonesia, which whom can be so complicated to play "minority" music, how about in US? can you enlight us a bit on this matter?

I think it's the same anywhere in the world. The disco community here in San Francisco is quite small as well. That's what's makes it very interesting. We have a good intimate group of people who are rooting for the same kind of music. On top of that we all support and respect each others music. Music is about taste, you can't really judge people from their taste in music. Most people are attracted to commercial music because it's easy to listen to and very catchy. It took a lot of patience sometimes to be able to understand the kind of music that we like. It took me quite sometime to understand the music that I like to play now. You need to get to know the music to be able to enjoy it passionately. I always encourage people to dance when they're at a party.. get to know the music and enjoy it.

8. So for the last question, any plan to have a gig in Indonesia?

I don't have any plans to play anywhere in Indonesia yet. However, I'm looking forward to play sometime soon. ;)

"Impossible is Nothing" like Jeno's said for the first appreance as a guest DJ, but she's doing very well for the "Impossible Worlds - Belda". And now she's running a live radio show at 90hz. We hope, that it can still travels for a good music and was always more mixes that are pleasing to hear. And now she's going on her IMAGINARY...

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Brandt Brauer Frick - Bop

Three young musicians have recently joined together for this exciting acoustic techno project. On the one hand Daniel Brandt and Jan Brauer, who as a duo named „Scott“ produce club music with a jazz attitude.
On the other hand Paul Frick, who has studied composition with Friedrich Goldmann at Berlin University of Arts (UdK). Besides pieces for orchestral instruments he also releases house music.

for more info

Brandt Brauer Frick - Bop

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Midweek Action Becomes Midweek Habit

Wednesday, Desember 8th 2010
starts 10pm Onwards

at PURO Lounge (Blowfish Kitchen&Bar Area)


Harvy (Hennzle)
AP (Hennzle)
Dipha (Future 10)
Muula (MassiveWhat)

Hosted by:
TRIBUTE store -- [ORBIS] -- SOLED store -- VOILA store

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