Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Space.Rec Mix Vol.1 by Gerhan Ferdinal

Gerhan Ferdinal is without doubt a very influential DJ/Producer/Remixer out of Jakarta. Witnessing many legendary parties in San Francisco while studied there in the early 90's, He's been spreading the love since then through deejaying in various places and spaces, including the infamous 'Reggae Revolution' parties in Jakarta, and his own regular Events called 'Quirk It!' along with his great fellow DJs up until now. Not to mention his hidden talent behind the bass and guitar, nor his loads of unreleased remixes, he sure knows how to communicate with us when it comes to music.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Shehab Tariq A.K.A Paso Bionic spent his younger years in the graffiti scene, picking up his alias there, before moving onto pause-record techniques back in the tape days. He is also a fundamental producer and DJ in ..TZU.. and ..Curse Ov Dialect.. - two leading hip hop groups outta Melbourne Australia. ..Curse.. has released 2 albums on ..Mush.. (USA) and ..TZU.. is signed to Liberation (Aust).......Empty Beats.. is the debut 'solo' album from ..Paso.., but he's currently working on new material... ..


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MIXTAPE : REI Mixtape Vol.1

1. Ociel - Vlooper.Modlee
2. Love Sick Feat. Eshe Of ARREST - Mabanua
3. Happy Feat. Kissey Asplund - Groovemanspot
4. Spaceman ( I'm In Space ) - The Grand Ear
5. Six Feat. Kez YM - RLP
6. Yorktown Recreation - Dorian Concept
7. Equal - Milex Benjiman
8. Settle For Feat.Mar (Seymour Bits Remix) - Full Crate, FS Green & Grand Jackson
9. To The Beat Feat. Walter Mecca - Onra
10. Shut It Down ( Devonwho Remix) - Frank N Dank
11. Blast That Feat. Black Milk - Nottz
12. Tibeef Phonque - KenLo Cranqnuques
13. Spaceshi* - Sauce81
14. Underlined Feat. Ernesto & Cee-Rock "The Fury" - Atjazz
15. Shabaps - Pursuit Grooves
16. Raptured - Lone
17. Plummer Jolly - Monkey Sequence 19
18. People Potential - Floating Points
19. Raw Cuts #5 - Motor City Drum Essemble
20. Tilt Shift ( Julio Bashmore Remix ) - Mosca
21. Mental Strength ( Akufen Interpr. Feat. Chr. Maisonneuve ) -
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