Monday, May 30, 2011

The Birth of Detroit Techno As a Global Genre

Here some videos tell the history of Detroit Techno which changed the life of Detroit people and the world


Saturday, May 28, 2011

MIXTAPE : Muula - 530 to 630

Originally formed as a creative performance of electronic and analog music joined together, by three architecture students Rovalino Gultom (MassiveWhat), Hans Boentoro, and Alfi Sambudhi. Muula's first performance was on a MassiveWhat's gig - "R.O.O.F." which took place in Rossi Building's rooftop on 2010. But just before Muula created another creative musical project, Hans Boentoro passed away. Since then, Muula was curated through Dj sets consisting of new and old sounds by Rovalino Gultom of MassiveWhat.

This particular mix, is one of a representation of Muula's view on a hard morning set 5:30AM to 6:30AM. The scene you should think of is a night where you would loose yourself and leave it all behind, fast forward. Just in time before you crashed on your couch, or bed. A journey from the succulent world of rich sounds and constant speed flashing on your dilated eyes, and out, finally out, only to faced upon a rapturous scene. Your everyday urban environment that is, but somehow exaggerated through your stretched out mind, leftover brilliance. Your brain clicks, your eyes focuses into something even more ecstatic. And who knows what you were doing at that very second before you decides, to sleep it off.

Artwork by : Angie Tawaris

Sunday, May 15, 2011

MIXTAPE : Swarsaktya - Reflections of Beauty

Swarsaktya (as known as) Dimas Moammar Saktya is one of Massive What?'s crew, and he's also the bass player of the local band from jakarta called "Freedom of Choice ". In this mixtape, he plays some tracks based on the reflections of the beauty of all kind of things according to his life experience