Monday, April 16, 2012



vanish |ˈvani sh |

verb [ intrans. ]

1 disappear suddenly and completely : Mary vanished without trace.

• gradually cease to exist : the days of the extended family are vanishing.

point |point|

a particular spot, place, or position in an area or on a map, object, or surface

Jakarta is known for its "problems ", on the other hand it is also a place of birth for many talented musician , DJ's and producer.

Vanishing Point is a party for people that needed to express themselves thru music or simply just to have great time. Here we are trying to combine DJs with different background , age, community , musical genre to hopefully create a wonderfull moment out of it. Despite all the problems or gaps and walls , Were in this together living in the same city sharing the same goods and bad ,so let us unite as a unit to elevate the music scene here in Jakarta.

Our Next combination is:

1.Heru :

One of the biggest name in jakarta's underground dance scene, the first time we heard the name was his role at "HOUSELIFE" in the early 2000. Afterwards he join forces with the "QUIRK IT!" crew , one of the most influential underground party in jakarta. Also he is playing for "360 Ent." Heru's long time experience in playing house records will bring a great pleasure for us.

2.Aryo :

A rare DJ set performance by Aryo "Space System 's half blood" ,Unquestionable about his type of music, strong character in music and bold in every performances. He is Currently running a program " Listen To The World "( and also one of Space Rec finest called "A Fine Tuning Creation". Expect the unexpected .

3.Boga :

The man behind the drums for "FREEDOM OF CHOICE" and one of the members from "MASSIVE WHAT?"( a dance community thats based on Jakarta , Angga's deep vibe, Afro Acid percussions ,and techno beats will be add a great texture to the show. A serious person with a serious attitude in music,no question about his determination in underground music scene.

4.Gerhan :

Started playing records back in the late 90's,Gerhan's musical journey begins at San Fransisco,California. with his widely knowledge of music. Gerhan often share the deck in San fransisco's underground party,one of the true indonesian underground pioneer. He is one of the founder of weekly party called "Reggae Revolution" Jakarta back in the good old parc days. In 2006 gerhan-heru-aditya-leo-ridwan decided to make "QUIRK IT!",the most consistent underground party in jakarta till present time. Gerhan aka KOMODO is one of Space Rec artist that based in Rossi Musik Studio Fatmawati.

Time,Date,Place : April 20th 2012,10pm till end,Marley Bar Energy Building.