Monday, June 13, 2011

Svarghi : Ominous / Replant - Remixes

About one year ago, space.rec released a titled EP from Svarghi, called Ominous / Replant - single, this time they release a remix version that contains three tracks that were also remixed by Jonathan Kusuma & Billy Bogus (pizzico recods), named Ominous (Kusuma Rework), Ominous (Kusuma Reverse Version) and Replant (Billy Bogus Mix).

Ominous (Kusuma Rework)'s track contains psychedelic elements that could be heard from the sound of the drum patterns in the song. Especially by keeping the elements of the original vocals, bass, acoustic and electric guitars. And not to mention the combined synthesizer elements from Kusuma and Svarghi, with a touch of Kusuma's typical element of krautrock in the middle of the song. All the combined elements in this track make this song as the band's psychedelic project, with a touch of folk from krautrock. Unlike the Ominous' track (Kusuma Reverse Version), this track is the opposite of the original track. The dark sound with the the elements of techno bassline is very thick, that brings us to a very different feel from the original version. Especially, with Kusuma's analog-style synthesizer. These patterns doesn't sound boring in this track, because we will hear the instruments that appears one by one, which are the sounds of gamelan traditional Indonesia. The next track is Ominious (Billy Bogus' Mix), DJ of Pizzico Records from Italy changes its original nuance from a more slowly and dark, to a track that can be said a catchy dance 4/4 beat, a very catchy bass patterns, and a perfect placement of the vowel as a more upbeat dance song than the original version. Especially when the Italo disco instrument appears in the middle of this song.

Svarghi - Ominous (Kusuma Reverse Version) by Space.Rec

Svarghi - Replant (Billy Bogus Mix) by Space.Rec

01 Ominous (Kusuma Rework) by jonathan kusuma

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