Friday, April 5, 2013

Duck Dive - "Inner Projections" Album Launching Review

On Sunday March 24th 2013, "Inner Projections" by DUCK DIVE was launched in a quite friendly and comfy space in South Jakarta named Tryst Kemang. The album itself is released under a Jakartan record label; Space.Rec. Guests and invitations gathered around from 5 in the afternoon. And at 7 pm Duck Dive made a very fascinating performance. Supported by an interesting mixture of music and visuals that would bring the audience dive into the deepest deep. 

Several booths can be found at the venue, selling miscellaneous stuffs such as DUCK DIVE's own limited T-shirts and CDs. And not to forget, people were also dazzled by the art installation by Angga Utama which were made based on the interpretation of DUCK DIVE's songs in the album. 
- Multiversal Drift
- Room of Thoughts
- Taking Liquid Horizon
- Entrez Dans Le Royaume
- Hidro Magneticism

Thumbs up!


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