Monday, August 29, 2011

Delia Derbyshire : " The Forgotten Pioneer Of Electronic Music"

Delia Derbyshire (1937 - 2001) is one of the pioneer of electronic music at the 60's. She was a part of BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Many of her work didn't get credited such as the concept of the groundbreaking arrangement of the Doctor Who theme music (one of the first tv themes to be recorded entirely electronic means - years before synthesizers came out). After her death, hundreds of reel to reel tapes and a box of thousand paper of her works were found in her attic.

This is her interpretation of Bach - air on a G string

She was also in a band called White Noise. White Noise is an experimental electronic music band formed in London, England in 1969 by American-born David Vorhaus, a classical bass player with a background in both physics and electronic engineering. Their Album called Electric storm was created using a variety of tape manipulation techniques, and is notable for its early use of the first British synthesizer

Delia influenced numerous legendary musician such as, Pink Floyd to use electronic sounds for mainstream music and Mick Jagger to buy moog synth. for more info on her works, check out or if you more interested on pioneer of electronic music, just search the BBC documentary on youtube called the alchemist of sound.

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