Monday, August 8, 2011

Komodo : Music Akamady / Up & Down - EP

KOMODO a.k.a Gerhan Ferdinal, is the Resident DJ and one of the members of ‘Quirk it!’. After we’ve waited for a while, he finally released an EP titled ‘Music Akamady’, which contains 2 tracks through space.rec record label. These 2 tracks are titled ‘Mucic Akamady’ and ‘Up & Down’. The first track, “Music Akamady” will make you feel the element vibes of dub disco with a slight touch of contemporary atmosphere that drives you to the world of ethnic tribal mixed with a blend of modern instrument, and with a minor of dub reggae from the touch of minimalist guitar sound. The second track, “Up & Down” still has the character of dub disco, but sounds more dark and upbeat, although the element of this track is more towards the sound of the synthesizer and the dominant of bass.

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